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At her highest value, you can expect that Debbie will deliver skillful structure by listening to her client’s needs and delivering intuitive programs or consultations designed to achieve maximum effect. Her observant, subtle style makes every detail more influential.

Debbie speaks the language of listening.

You gain benefit from Debbie as a valued, recognized expert. She formulates ideas in a clear, articulate manner. Complex yogic and astrological philosophies and techniques are selectively and purposefully shared with a easy-to-digest approach. Debbie persuades others by culling her words and actions; when an idea or an opinion is shared, it carries more influence.

Debbie speaks the language of presence.

You can count on value being added through better execution as Debbie constantly envisions ways to improve and upgrade. She earns respect by higher standards, and is motivated by an ambitious, determined, yet understated outlook. You can expect the highest quality deliverables, as she influences people by her high expectations of herself and others.

Debbie speaks the language of excellence.


Debbie's love affair with astrology began when, barely old enough to read, she memorized the 12 zodiac signs from the astrology-themed kitchen matches her Aquarius mom had on-hand.

In 1979, as a high school gymnast, Debbie discovered a book on yoga. After seeing photos of headstands, backbends, and the splits, things she’d been doing since childhood, Debbie realized she’d been practicing yoga most of her life. She'd practice yoga next to her waterbed and lava lamp before going to school. This was 1979 after all!

Twenty-two years later, in 2001, Debbie gained certification and began teaching yoga. Today, Debbie holds the distinction of e-RTY 200 and RYT 500, (Registerd Yoga Teacher) teaching certifications. She’s shared her love of yoga with diverse groups, from physicians at Kaiser Permanente, sharing the benefits of mindfulness and breathing, to patients in alternative sentencing chemical dependency rehab centers. For seven years she taught a weekly class to male minors in juvenile detention as her seva (yogic principle of selfless service). No matter what the circumstances, Debbie conveys The Astro-Yoga Woman’s core message of “healing the world through yoga, one breath at a time.”

Debbie applies yoga principles to everyday situations:

• Ways to manage astrological occurrences
• Utilizing the breath to calm the nerves before a presentation
• On-the-go life integration and stress management tips for college students
• Helping the average person find more sustained joy by turning in rather than checking out

2001 was a big year for Debbie. In addition to starting her yoga teaching career, Debbie founded a professional and personal development company. She helps people find peace and clarity in their lives, while improving their ability to communicate clearly and concisely.

For seven months in 2003, from Atlanta to Seattle, Debbie conducted over two-hundred mini-sales training workshops promoting Brian Tracy’s one-day sales training events to every type of sales business - mortuaries to mortgages companies, real estate offices to car dealerships. The experience taught Debbie to think on her feet while being able to relate to diverse audiences in varied setting.

Later that same year, Debbie moved to Southern California to work with Rhythm Journey Drum Circles promoting corporate team building drum circles. Yes, you read that right, drum circles! As a drummer, Debbie enjoys giving others the experience of entrainment that happens in a rhythmical activity like drumming or breathing together. The unifying effects of entrainment last for days and weeks

In 2005, at the National Speakers Association, Greater Los Angeles Chapter, Debbie won the Platform Performance award for her three minute inspirational / motivational speech while giving an advanced yoga demonstration…on a table. The audience’s response? “Some people talk about focus, Debbie Barnett demonstrates focus, loud and clear!”

2008 saw Debbie’s first book published, “The Deeper the Roots, the Juicier the Fruits! 8 Spiritual Practices for a Juicy Life.” This small, illustrated, colorful book is like a yoga class in your back pocket. Debbie’s currently working on a young adult novel with yoga as its theme.

In 2010, the Orange County (CA) Probation Department honored Debbie with an Outstanding Probation Volunteer award for her efforts teaching hatha yoga and yoga philosophy to incarcerated male minors. Minors and staff listed Debbie’s approachability, sense of humor, and her ability to make yoga fun and accessible as reasons for the recognition.

Debbie is available for individual or group yoga and/or astrology sessions.


More than just stretching, yoga is a lot harder than it looks. It’s an all-over physical workout while simultaneously relaxing the mind, thereby reducing stress.

The Astro-Yoga Woman’s yoga classes are a blend of yang (active) and yin (receptive) poses and breathing exercises. Finishing with a soothing meditation makes for an energizing yet deeply relaxing class. In her free-form flow yoga classes, The Astro-Yoga Woman embodies the essence of moksha (liberation), the ultimate goal of yoga.

If you can breathe, you can do yoga.

A Type of Yoga for Every Personality

Yoga, a centuries-old practice, encompass a life management system for every aspect of being; body, mind and spirit.

  • Hatha Yoga: (physical yoga) Emphasizes physical poses, breathing exercises and specific focal points. This is what most Westerners think of when they think of yoga. The asanas (poses) of Hatha Yoga are only the tip of the iceberg of the totality of yoga. Types of Hatha Yoga include: Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Inyengar, Restorative, Yin, Hot Yoga, Power Yoga, and more.
  • Bhakti Yoga: (spiritual yoga) Heart centered, devotional branch of yoga, including singing and chanting mantras, creating music, dancing to the Divine.
  • Jana Yoga: (mental yoga) Mental aspect of yoga, including self-study and the study of sacred texts.
  • Karma Yoga: (spiritual yoga through physical action) Path of selfless service. Giving for the joy in giving, without expectation of return, and doing work for the sake of the work, not for the reward. Dedicating yourself in service to the Divine.

Debbie Barnett on NBC5 + Mario Lopez & Danny Bonaduce Yoga Demo (2:53)


NSA-GLAC Award Winning Speech for Platform Performance

Attend one of The Astro-Yoga Woman’s public classes below. No sign up required, and no, you don’t have to be flexible!

Weekday babysitting available!

Tuesdays 6:30 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. Energy Flow All Levels Flow Yoga

Yoga Squared 195 El Camino Real, Suite 201 (Upstairs), Tustin, CA 92780 Phone: (714) 625-7230


Mondays 11:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. Inner Space Yoga All Levels Flow Yoga
Sundays 11:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Inner Space Yoga All Levels Flow Yoga

Inner Space Yoga

607 E. Santa Ana Blvd.

Santa Ana, CA 92706

Yoga as a Lifestyle: The 8 Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga

Yoga, a centuries-old practice, encompass a life management system for every aspect of being; body, mind and spirit.

  • Yama – moral restraints, external relationship guidelines
  • Niyama - moral observances, internal relationship guidelines
  • Asana – physical practice, poses
  • Pranayama – breathing exercises
  • Pratyahara – drawing the senses inward
  • Dharana – single pointed focus or concentration
  • Dhyana – meditation
  • Samadhi – enlightenment or flow state



Debbie Barnett

Sanskrit Chanting "AUM" and More!

Debbie Barnett

Debbie Chanting at Laguna Beach

Debbie Barnett

Walking Meditation Anywhere You Are

Debbie Barnett

Relax with Silent Chanting

Debbie Barnett

Balance your Brain with your Breath

Debbie Barnett

Mandala Coloring to Spark your Creative Energy

Debbie Barnett

Marketing with a twist - Clip 1

Debbie Barnett

Marketing with a twist - Clip 2

Debbie Barnett

Marketing with a twist - Clip 3

Debbie Barnett

on NBC5 + Mario Lopez & Danny Bonaduce Yoga Demo

Debbie Barnett

NSA-GLAC Award Winning Speech for Platform Performance

The Astro-Yoga Woman ° Debbie Barnett

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Speaking Services
The Astro-Yoga Woman’s programs are unique in that she incorporates yogic principles such as cultivating a powerful presence and effective energy management in order to gain maximum return. Her interactive programs leave participants with multiple tools they can immediately incorporate into their daily routine. It's all in the practice.

Yoga Energizers and Interstitials for Associations, Conferences and Conventions!
  • Opening Energizers

  • Spouse Programs

  • Chair Yoga Programs

  • Interstitial Segments

  • Mindfulness Meditation at Work

  • Workplace Wellness Programs

  • Art of Powerful Presentations

  • Impactful 30-Second Networking Commercials

  • Astrology 101

Debbie Barnett - Marketing with a Twist - Clip 1Clip 2 Clip 3

Topic 1

Workplace Wellness: Mindfulness at Work

Reduce Health Care Costs by Reducing Stress!

Debbie has a great way of bringing yoga into the realm of practical, usable steps to increase your productivity. Looking for a great way to propel your professional and personal life forward? Debbie will show you techniques which can be used in any environment at any time to do just that. Katie Darling, Director of Community Relations, Jobing.com – Inland Empire

Does this sound like your staff or students? Agitated, irritable, short-tempered, forgetful, moody, sleep deprived, nervous, or unsteady

Would you rather see this? Calm, relaxed, joyful, focused, centered, clear, purposeful, peaceful, loving, graceful, happy, and flowing with ease

Did you know that 60 to 90% of all doctors' visits are stress related? The impact of stress on healthcare costs is tremendous, and growing every day right along with our waistlines. It's time we stop relying on doctors, prescriptions, and insurance companies to manage our health and wellbeing. Employers are learning that prevention programs not only help temper healthcare costs, but create happier, more productive employees.

This workshop is a step forward on the path to personal responsibility for our individual and collective health and well-being. In this fun, interactive program, participants learn easy yoga-based stress reduction techniques to do at the office, worksite, or while traveling. A variety of breathing and meditation techniques, along with easy yoga stretches, can be modified to fit any situation.

Improve quality of life while increasing bottom-line results by learning how to handle stress before it handles you! You owe it to yourself, your family, and your community to be proactive in managing stress.

Excellent – I feel calmer because I have some specific steps to implement into my everyday routine. Kathy pallamary, store owner

  1. Understanding of sympathetic (fight-or-flight) and parasympathic (rest-and-digest) nervous system responses to external and internal stimuli
  2. Provide practical, time-tested tools for keeping stress in check while on the job utilizing yogic breathing, mindfulness meditation, and easy stretching exercises
  3. Give participants the experience of being calm and centered in a matter of minutes utilizing the breath
  4. Convey the importance of personal responsibility when it comes to health and well-being, not relying solely on doctors and insurance to maintain individual health
  5. Obtain a commitment to practicing these skills to achieve mastery of stress reduction techniques, thereby reducing healthcare costs and increasing productivity
Your visit with our management team was an incredible opportunity to learn things that we can do in our offices and at our desks to integrate yoga techniques practically into our daily routine. I got great feedback from my physician and management leaders about the time with you. Not only did they enjoy it but many have commented on things that you taught that they now do in their offices. Thanks for a great, customized session that was valuable to each of us. Bob Blair, Medical Group Administrator, Kaiser Permanente, South Bay (Torrance, CA) Regional Medical Center

Training Delivery Options:

  1. Option 1: One (1) hour training session / keynote
  2. Option 2: Half day (3.5 hours) training sessions
  3. Option 3: Full day (6 hours) training sessions

Get a grip on stress before stress gets a grip on you!
Contact Debbie Today!

Topic 2

The Art of Powerful Presentations: Learn to Connect with Your Audience

Great presentation – truly informational. Debbie has great knowledge of public speaking and presents it in an organized yet fun fashion. Susie Campbell, Raytheon Engineer

Connecting with an audience is an art. As with any art, it takes practice to achieve mastery. In “The Art of Powerful Presentations: Learn to Connect with Your Audience,” Debbie Barnett shares secrets professional speakers use to move their audiences to take action now.

In this action-packed workshop, you'll learn the “COD” (Content, Organization, and Delivery) method of speech development and delivery. By following the COD method of speech preparation and delivery, it ensures your audiences understand what you want to convey, can easily follow along, and will help them remember your key points.

  1. Cover both fundamentals and finer points of public speaking in order to gain poise and confidence in speaking abilities
  2. Learn to utilize the C.O.D. Method: Content, Organization and Delivery
  3. Pre-speech audience and objectives analysis
  4. Delivery essentials that build rapport and add to the message
  5. Safe environment in which to learn public speaking
  6. “Stage time” to practice delivering mini-speeches in front of class
  7. Group experiential learning via critique and review for effectiveness from an audience’s perspective
  8. Full day workshops include videotaping so participants can see themselves in action
  9. Breathing exercises to reduce the fear of public speaking, the #1 fear
  10. How to appropriately handle Q&A

Training Delivery Options:

  1. Option 1: Half day (3.5 hours) training sessions
  2. Option 2: Full day (6 hours) training session
Suggested Class Size: 5 to 15 participants

Start connecting with your audience by connecting with The Yoga Woman!
Call to schedule your workshop now!

Topic 3

30 Seconds to Impact: Elevator Pitches for Maximum Effect

Debbie, your 30 second networking seminar was just what the doctor ordered! You helped me transform that vital element of my sales arsenal into something focused, humorous, memorable, and effective. Your techniques, your vast experience, and your commitment to excellence make your sales training seminars stand out from the rest. The business you've helped me generate far exceeds the very modest cost of the seminars. Lee McIntyre, Insurance Salesman

Looking for a tool that will enhance your networking ROI? Something to help you get clear on how you serve, who you serve, and why? What is that tool? Your effective elevator pitch!

Mastering your elevator pitch can open doors of connection. When you can speak in terms of benefits and distinguish your uniqueness clearly and concisely, people immediately “get” what you do. When you connect with their emotions, they want what you are selling!

After attending this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn the following:
  1. Who is your audience?
  2. What are their hot buttons?
  3. How can you get their attention?
  4. How can you anchor what you do in their mind?
  5. Can they easily contact you?

This program is interactive, fast-paced, and a lot of fun! After learning the basics, audience members will receive feedback and tweaking to perfect their pitch. The result is a memorable pitch that creates interest, attracts business, and helps people remember you!

Have a networking event coming up soon?
Start making a powerful impact NOW by booking Debbie for your next program!

Topic 4

5 Week "Learn Western Astrology" Workshop Series Thursdays, 7:30 - 9:00 p.m. from February 18 to March 17, 2016 at the School of Multideminsional Healing Arts and Science, Irvine www.smhas.com

Have you always wanted to learn Astrology but didn't know where to start? Maybe you’ve been studying for years, and want to gain insight into what the current transits are doing in your natal chart.

Using tools you already have at hand, you can learn astrology. You’ll be doing charts for your friends and family in no time. Debbie taught herself how to read astrology charts, and she can teach you, too!

The way you explained Astrology made it so easy for me to understand my chart, and therefore me, better. It’s also helpful to understand how the transits are affecting my chart and the world. A great big "thank you!" Susan Rodriquez, interior decorator

What you’ll learn:
  1. The 12 signs, their elements, and orientation
  2. The Sun, Moon and Ascendant, and why the exact time of birth is important
  3. What areas of life the astrological houses represent
  4. What energies the planets represent
  5. If a chart indicates introversion or extroversion
  6. If a chart indicates partnership oriented or individually oriented
  7. Which life areas are affected by the current outer planetary line up
  8. How to interpret your own chart using the Internet for research

Sign up today today and reserve your spot!


Meeting Planners
Here are some helpful frequently asked questions to get you started:

  • First you'll receive a speaking agreement.
  • Sign and return with 50% deposit to hold the date (remainder of fee is due the day of the event).
  • Fill out a questionnaire to assist me in personalizing my presentation for your group.
  • A few weeks prior to the event, we'll finalize the details with a conference call.

A riser is great if you have more than 50 people so that they can have an unobstructed view. Debbie doesn't use a lectern so if there needs to be on the stage, move to one side and slightly back from the front. Please provide a small table for her to set items on that she'll be referring to and a glass of water. Debbie prefers lights full up so that the audience is wide awake. A projector with a USB cable and screen are necessary in most instances.

If you are setting up rounds, half-rounds are best so that people don't have their backs to the stage. If theater style is preferred, chevron is best. By angling the rows you maximize the ability of people to see other people's faces. If you are setting up classroom style, angle the rows so that people can see one another, rather than having rows run straight across the room. Let them be up close and personal.

  • Debbie knows budgets are tight and will do her best to get you a great airfare. Her preferred airline is American and because of her platinum status, she is able to waive baggage fees. Because her schedule changes so frequently, she generally flies business class or refundable coach. If Debbie flies from one client to the next client, she will split that leg of the airfare between the two clients--offering additional savings.
  • When arranging a hotel room for Debbie, please book non-smoking direct billed to your master account. Please request a room not next to an ice machine, elevator, or exit door.
  • As for meals, Debbie can include this in an overall flat fee (see below), charge a per diem of $50/day, or invoice with receipts after your event. She is a vegetarian who avoids soy and mushrooms (standard vegetarian fare).
  • Tip and incidentals: These are minor expenses, generally $20 or less per trip.
  • Travel expenses can be handled one of two ways. Debbie does have a flat fee for travel that includes airfare, ground transportation, meals, tips and any other incidentals. All you are responsible for is the hotel room. The expenses are paid along with the speaking fee the day of the event. Inquire with her about her current flat fee rate for expenses.
  • The other option is that Debbie can invoice you after the event for expenses. She will provide copies of receipts along with the invoice. The travel expenses are due 14 days upon receipt.
  • For any additional questions, call her office at (951) 316-9380.

Articles About The Yoga Woman

Carlsbad Chamber Breakfast Will Pose Marketing Strategies
By Amanda Daniels
May 5, 2005

CARLSBAD – Debbie Barnett is used to looking at the world from unusual angles. It helps her close sales and inspire other salespeople to do the same, she said.

Barnett, a yoga instructor and motivational speaker, will be the presenter at the First Friday Breakfast tomorrow hosted by the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce. Her topic will be "Sales & Marketing With a Yoga Twist."

Several chamber members recommended Barnett, said Betsy Bracken, who helps select speakers for the monthly breakfasts. The gatherings attract about 150 people. In choosing presenters, Bracken said, a main criterion is that they "give tangible information people can apply right away to their business." Barnett has built her own company by doing that.

Before starting Conscious Flow four years ago, she was a senior sales trainer and field sales representative with the coaching company Brian Tracy Programs. Now, she often brings yoga into her presentations. The strategy helps people remember her points, she said.

In sales, "you have to make an impression, an imprint, a stamp," Barnett said. "The quicker you can get your point across, the quicker people understand." She said part of her mission is to show people how aligning the mind, body and spirit can make it easier to achieve goals. Sometimes she does a handstand while she talks to serve as an illustration.

Barnett drew another parallel between yoga and sales. "It's all a practice – flexibility, facing your fears, developing your core strength," she said. It was practice that helped her develop her own business. She was not always such a confident speaker. Seven years ago, public speaking was Barnett's greatest fear. She joined the speaking club Toastmasters International to conquer her anxiety. She said she learned that "when you have something you're afraid of and you walk past that fear, your greatest gift is on the other side."

A few years after joining Toastmasters, Barnett was laid off from her job as an executive assistant in the savings and loan industry. Public speaking had become one of her passions and she turned it into a new career. In the spring of 2005, she won a first-place speaking award at an annual competition hosted by the Greater Los Angeles chapter of the National Speakers Association.

Barnett is now based in Tucson, AZ. Her other programs focus on health, listening and communication skills.

Awareness Magazine, September 2005
Debbie Barnett Is Named 2005 Consummate Platform Professional
by NSA Greater Los Angeles Chapter
By Kay Walburger

The Connie Contest, a speak-off, allows contestants a maximum of three minutes to demonstrate their skills and prove their ability to immediately connect with the audience, one of the most difficult presentations a speaker will ever give. The Greater Los Angles Chapter of the National Speakers Association, sponsors this annual event. It is critiqued in eight separate categories in front of a panel of professional judges including professional speech coaches, television talk-show hosts, Broadway acting coaches, and professional platform coaches.

Debbie Barnett, professional speaker, trainer, and certified yoga instructor won the professional speaking profession’s title of Consummate Platform Professional. The designation was awarded for Debbie’s superb presentation skills combined with the integral use of yoga poses during her message to the audience, on top of a table on the raised stage (to be seen by members of the audience). “I had flashbacks to my high school days in gymnastics on the balance beam. Her speech was titled a “Yoga Twist”.

The sculptured-glass award called “The Connie,” named for Constance Dean Yambert, the dean of American public speaking coaches, was presented to Debbie, by Connie. This is with high regard from the 200-plus members of this association of professional speakers. Debbie says, “I competed for this award with much preparation and confidence using my yoga protocol with the intention of jump-starting my new career as a writer and a keynote speaker on an international stage!”

Debbie offers practical solutions to everyday problems.

“I know it is possible to have a balanced life AND be successful! Yes, it is! In what I call a Yoga Twist, yoga is the metaphor and visual example of a life that works. A sales approach that you are comfortable with. Ease and clarity in your communications with others. Using basic principles of yoga, Debbie offers practical solutions to everyday problems.

“My love of yoga began 25 years ago at age 16. I was a gymnast in high school and my favorite events were the balance beam and floor exercise. One day I came across a book about yoga and was so fascinated I started to practice. Today it would be called cross training and it did in fact improve my gymnastic performances. Yoga centered and focused my mind in harmony with my body, resulting in more fluidity in my movements, improving my strength moves, and relieving performance stress and anxiety.

“I have been involved with the fitness industry most of my life. For a while I was an aerobic instructor, a competitive kick boxer and weight trainer. I have the benefit of all that in my yoga practice. Yoga is an allover workout including aerobic and cardio. It relives stress of the physical body, mental anxiety and soothes the emotional and spiritual body, creating balance and harmony.

“In 2003 I contracted with Brian Tracy Programs as a Senior Sales Trainer and Field Sales Representative. Tracy is one of the world’s leading authorities on sales, and personal and business success. While presenting over 200 sales training workshops across the country that year, I gained a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities sales people face on a daily basis.”

Today Debbie Barnett is a dynamic and practical presenter and coach on the subjects of finding life balance, improving communication skills, and enhancing personal persuasiveness. Using her 25-year yoga practice as both a metaphor and example of how to live a balanced, successful life, you will walk away with a real sense of how the marriage of East and West can enhance your well-being, both personally and professionally. Balance, flexibility, and core strength are a few of the yoga principles Debbie incorporates into her impactful presentations and coaching sessions.

“WHAT DOES THAT MEAN TO YOU? Decreased healthcare costs by reducing stress, increased productivity and creativity, increased job satisfaction, improved communication, increased employee retention, improved sales efficiencies.”

Debbie now relies exclusively on yoga to maintain peak physical, emotional and mental performance, and this is the message she is demonstrating and modeling for her clients. My core values come from: the union (yoga) of body, mind and spirit, balance, authenticity, abundance, growth, integrity, creativity, adventure, courage, fun, deep listening!


Debbie Barnett [8 minutes] interview with WRNW1.com

Womens Radio Network Internet Radio

Debbie Barnett [30 minutes] interview with WRNW1.com

Womens Radio Network Internet Radio

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